CUORE Stories: NICH SpeedClub


In the heart of Girona, a vibrant cycling hub in the scenic landscapes of Catalonia, Michael Garrison, shares his reflections about his journey as a professional cyclist to an independent racer and how he was able to maintain his love of cycling.

Garrison spent the last 4 years racing professionally on the road with Team Hagens Berman Axeon – a time marked by some victories, quite a few setbacks, and an abundance of lessons gleaned from the unforgiving crucible of bike racing. Having concluded his previous season prematurely, he returned to Girona this spring to reconnect with old friends and lay the groundwork for an ambitious racing calendar ahead. His vision? A season with the most diverse calendar anyone has ever tackled while operating at the highest level of mountain bikes, gravel racing, and the road calendar.

Reflecting on his time in Europe, Michael gives us insights about the challenges faced as an American cyclist navigating unfamiliar cultures, the huge distance from families and friends, and the relentless pressure on himself to excel rather than relishing the joy of the sport.

So change was inevitable and one of his friends pitched the idea of an independent racing program. His connection with Nikki and Chad, his closest mentors and supporters in his cycling journeys, traces its roots to shared experiences within Atlanta’s vibrant cycling community – when Garrison was a young buck, looking to hang as long as possible on fast and furious Atlanta community group rides. Both became the visionaries behind SpeedClub – an expanding membership club based in Atlanta and the brand, Michael is proudly racing under this year.

For him, the clothing he wears through the season is integral to racing – and the opportunity to collaborate with CUORE on designing apparel that reflect his personality and passions is truly special. The inception of the kits design traces back to early January, where he drew inspiration from the world of motorsport. He opted for a striking logo placement, incorporated asymmetric details, and adorned the ensemble with a luscious British Racing Green hue.

The delivery of the kit marked one of the most memorable moments in his cycling journey. Looking down on the designs brought an energy and vigor he has never experienced before. This kit embodies him and his journey, all struggles, learning, fights, success and above all the helping hands and unwavering support.

The refresh away from the European peloton has been overwhelmingly positive, propelling him to unprecedented levels of fitness and a renewed zeal for the upcoming racing season. With three consecutive wins in the early season and every race on his calendar selected by himself, the excitement around his diverse calendar is unparalleled.

As Garrison bids farewell to Girona, a place that holds a special place in his heart, he embraces the future with unwavering enthusiasm. In the world of cycling, his transition from professional rider to team owner signifies not just a change in status – with every pedal stroke, he charts a course toward new horizons, fueled by passion, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to the sport he loves.