CUORE of Switzerland | 30th Anniversary Collection

30th Anniversary Collection

Our anniversary collection has landed. With three complete kits and a selection of our most popular accessories, we are linking the past and the present to bring a breath of fresh air to the road.

Three decades have passed since CUORE’s founder, Swiss racing cyclist and later national team member, Hugo Gibel, turned his dream of high-end fully customizable sportswear into a reality. By combining his love for cycling, Swiss Precision and Italian Passion, CUORE was founded.

Over the years sportswear has evolved becoming more precise, stronger, faster and at CUORE, fully customizable. Today as a global company, we equip all levels of cyclists including UCI World Tour Teams as well as triathletes, runners, and other individuals all over the world.

30th FADE

Neon was the color palette of choice in our founding years and since then a staple in our designs and the inspiration for this year's anniversary collection. Using our full sublimation design technology, we’ve modernized this collection with a fade design that can be mixed and matched to your liking.

The result is our 30th Fade collection with a pro tour approved Comp S/Sleeve Jersey, our Wind Shield Splash Vest with additional pockets, fully dyed dark navy Bib Shorts and Shorts, that work with both jersey and vest colors as well as matching Lightweight Socks, and an Under Helmet Cap.


Switzerland is famous for its picturesque landscape and the unwavering quality of its cultural artifacts such as the incomparable watch manufacturers and most notably, the iconic pocket knife. This also includes the Swiss Army Blanket which serves as the inspiration for our 30th Anniversary S-Cross kit.

Consisting of a L/Sleeve Thermal Jersey, S/Sleeve Jersey, Bib Short and Short as well as matching cap and lightweight socks.

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