Your easy way to order: our custom shopping platform.

Your Team Shop is a custom online shopping platform where your team can review your products, specify individual tailoring options, and place and pay for their orders. We help you create this unique online shopping experience at every step from product selection to pricing structure, to delivery methods.

We design your shop’s customized storefront for an on-brand look and pain-free shopping experience. Your Custom Shop is created to streamline managing team member orders and shipping, collecting money, and minimizing excessive communication. Your Custom Shop portal is the most direct path to a simple, hassle-free ordering process, and will serve you through every step to bring perfect custom kits to your team.

CUORE Custom: Team Shop

Public Team Shops

In our public Team Shops you find some unique and created-to-order designs of other teams and brands. With those, you can not only team up with others but also tailor jerseys and bibs to your specific needs.

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CUORE Custom: Team Shop - Jersey

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You are part of a team or a club and want to order in your custom Team Shop? Here we go! And don't forget to tailor the length of arms, legs, and torso to your needs to have a perfect fit of your custom kit.

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