Back again for ‘24: the 3RIDES in Aachen is the most versatile cycling event in Europe - and we at CUORE are the official clothing partner.

The event in the very west of Germany offers a celebration of cycling from May 10 to 12, 2024. On all three days, visitors to the world-famous CHIO grounds in Aachen will find a bike expo with the best road/gravel bikes, clothing, cycling tech and lots of workshops for all ages.

On Saturday, May 11th, thousands of cyclists will set out on gravel and road bike excursions in the picturesque border triangle shared by Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands. This region, renowned for its cycling allure, boasts rolling hills, lush forests, expansive fields, abundant greenery, and a plethora of captivating locales, all within a compact area offering the unique experience of three languages.

One of the standout spectacles of the 3RIDES event is the Gravel Eliminator taking place on Saturday evening, a thrilling gravel competition held at the CHIO. However, the pinnacle moment arrives on Sunday: for the first time ever, the UCI Gravel World Series and the UCI Gran Fondo World Series will unfold simultaneously at this event, marking the inaugural UCI Gran Fondo in Germany. Already, a formidable 5,000 participants have registered for the third edition of 3RIDES.

CUORE offers the right clothing for these athletes and is supplying the official jerseys this year - because the right equipment plays a crucial role in the world of cycling. It must be both functional and stylish and, above all, meet the needs of the participants in the competition. As a partner to countless events, we know what athletes and organizers value. Not only do we know the processes of event organization and the needs of participants, but our team store also offers a platform that enables quick and uncomplicated ordering while reducing the workload for organizers.

“We are happy about the great cooperation with CUORE. As a partner for high-quality and very sophisticated textiles, we have come to appreciate the team. The support is first-class, the processes excellent and reliable. We are delighted that our own team is also working with CUORE.” - Björn Müller, Founder and Managing Director, 3RIDES

The special thing about this year's design: the final jersey was voted on in a social media poll - the feedback was already overwhelming and the 3RIDES team and many others now shine in the colorful, sporty design.

Photos: Leon van Bon & 3RIDES