There is hardly a community that fits the expression “Watts & Coffee” better than the Café Cycle Club, which, with over 120 members from the west of Germany and beyond, is probably one of the fastest growing cycling clubs in the country and is organized entirely via its own app.

Flo founded the CCC three years ago, combining his passion for cycling and good coffee with nice people and the motivation to do something good for others. The rides are all about sharing experiences in nature, exchanging ideas and, of course, drinking coffee - which includes a collection of selected cafés that are visited on every ride.


Even though every ride is crowned by a stop at an excellent café, the Café Cycle Club offers more than just coffee rides. In addition to these relaxed weekend rides, there are also the so-called “Mocha Rides” with a challenging route profile or the “Black Coffee Rides”, where the coffee is served black in every respect. Ten regional Ride Leaders, who help to continuously develop the club structures for the community, ensure that midweek MeetUps are regularly offered in all regions of North Rhine-Westphalia after work during the week. Last but not least, the club app allows every member to post their own rides and find fellow riders for road, gravel or even MTB rides.


Whether weekly rides, bike trips to Mallorca or Girona, well-known Alpine marathons or races for everyone: Flo and his two co-organizers try to rethink the cycling club theme in every detail every day. In addition to a club photographer, club mechanics, monthly newsletters, merchandise and cooperations with companies from the cycling industry, it is particularly important to them that each of their routes is “on point”.

The love of cycling and coffee is united in the community's jerseys - five club collections have now been designed together with CUORE, which are named after common terms from the world of coffee, such as Arabica, Affogato and Mocha, and are a true latte cycling art in an elegant design.





However, the CCC does not only see itself as a noble helper in cycling - it also cycles for people for whom this is not possible or only possible with difficulty. With this community spirit in mind, parts of the CCC community set off this year on a 24-hour fundraising ride from Münster in Westphalia to Copenhagen, over 600 kilometers away. With “CCC - Conquers Copenhagen”, children in need are supported as part of the “Be Strong For Kids” campaign - further donations were collected with charity caps from CUORE.

We at CUORE are looking forward to more “Watts & Coffees” - this year at joint rides in the Black Forest and at the RAD RACE One Twenty in Sonthofen!